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Rethinking Validation

The validation process and the operative handling of different document types is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive: For each software system to be validated, countless documents are created, checked, released, and channeled from A to B. It is difficult to identify the validation status at a given moment, i.e. who has to do which task in which validation phase. From a multitude of successfully implemented validation projects, we are very familiar with the everyday problems in this area. With the common, predominantly paper-based procedures, it is hardly possible to achieve any optimization. However, the possible efficiency potentials through automation and digitalization are enormous. 

Automation and digitalization of Validation processes

VxP is the cloud-based validation platform for automating the validation process and for the digital management of your validation documents. The pre-validated solution is immediately available and easy to use; it contains all relevant document types, templates, workflows and also reports for the efficient and compliant management of validation documents. 

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Validation Management Solution

  • 100% focus on the life sciences 
  • Paperless validation in one system 
  • Qualified and auditable infrastructure, managed backups and security 
  • Pre-validated solution that is immediately available. 
  • Simple handling 
  • All relevant document types, templates, workflows and reports for efficient management of validation documents are included. 
  • We take care of the ongoing support, maintenance and operation of the system so that you can concentrate on the essentials. 
  • We constantly monitor changing regulations and guidelines. This allows us to update and improve our quality system and our procedures to ensure that customers always comply with the regulations.

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