One system for all your management processes.

Platform for an integrated management system

As an integrated management system (IMS), DHC VISION combines a wide range of technical aspects in one integrated software environment It allows different views on a range of subject matter areas, which all share the same data base. Processes are connected with documents of all kinds, norms, guidelines, internal standards, instructions, risks, controls and measures in IMS and associated with agile, compliance-observant document control. This results in a thorough management system covering a broad range of subject matter areas, but still with consistent access to a broad range of information objects and processes. The specialist architecture of the integrated management software easily hosts additional subject areas, e.g. occupational health and safety or EHS focusing on environmental protection, sustainability, and health management issues. Within the integrated management system, all functional solutions and components follow an iterative problem resolution approach based on the PDCA cycle.

DHC VISION is a highly configurable system. This is guaranteed by the individual components of the Configuration Framework.
The IMS software’s Analytics Framework provides comprehensive support for data evaluation and analysis. The Integration Framework facilitates the software’s integration with IT infrastructures and its interaction with other applications. The Content Framework offers the possibility of filling the system with additional content – standards, norms, guidelines, instructions, etc. – as well as methods and models.

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