Training und Learning Success Management

Designed for the processes of highly regulated industries.

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Training Management Software with integrated learning success controls

New standards for „Training Compliance“.

Due to compliance requirements (often in conjunction with SOP Management), training measures have to be planned, implemented and documented, and the results have to be verifiably stored in detail. DHC VISION supports all the steps and phases in management processes for staff training – from planning to defining and tracking resulting measures. Through system-based employee training and certification to ensure compliance with internal and external regulations, all status changes throughout the process are documented and ensure the comprehensive traceability and control of all relevant activities. This subsequently also creates transparency as to which employees are in which training status of defined training items such as SOPs and training topics, where gaps still exist and which measures may need to be introduced. This provides valuable information regarding the training status of the organization, groups, roles, or an employee with appropriate options.

GxP regulated companies currently are facing new challenges in handling instruction documents resp. controlled documents and their training: External regulatory bodies require detailed documentation of training processes and results, i.e. evidence of staff training processes and their results. The interest of regulatory bodies is currently increasingly directed toward new ways of identifying, analyzing, and documenting training success.

DHC VISION’s integrated learning success management module supports creation of differentiated tests. A variety of test question types and exercises measure the extent to which employees understand training content. Multimedia assets may be added to test questions and exercises. Randomized test question and exercise selection is possible. Tests can be employed to check for employees’ understanding e.g. of work instructions; they help measure the successful transfer of knowledge to the workplace. Interactive online tests play a crucial role in training and certification workflows.

The DHC VISION training management component as well as the system’s add-on module for measuring learning success perfectly harmonize with processes in the pharmaceutical sector, in biotechnology and medical technology industries, in the chemical industry, the food sector as well as other highly regulated industry sectors. They comply with specific regulatory requirements in these areas. Together with the software’s SOP management module they ensure “Closed loop” processes which go far beyond basic reading confirmations.

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