DHC VISION for highly regulated companies

Praxis-proven document templates simplify and accelerate the validation process.

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DHC Ventures

DHC VISION for young companies and research  projects on their way to becoming a start-up.

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SOP Management Software

Regulatory compliant SOP closed loop processes for controlled documents

The SOP and training management software DHC VISION offers the optimum solution as a specialized document management system. Differentiated workflows and solid “SOP closed-loop” processes ensure that (controlled) documents such as SOPs can be created simply, tested reliably, approved traceably and released and distributed accurately. The software’s digital management processes are fully automated. For controlled documents, pre-defined workflows are available in the system’s standard configuration. Dashboards and comprehensive reporting provide an optimal overview of the current status of document management, respective validities, and ongoing processes. With DHC VISION, this comprehensive document management and control takes place in an integrated management environment that creates reliable interconnections to other important areas of responsibility. After all, it is not enough to just distribute documents; it is equally important that employees receive substantive training. As an integrated management system, the SOP and training management software DHC VISION is therefore an important bridge between document management on the one hand and training management on the other.

When it comes to business-critical documents such as SOPs – or, in general, “controlled documents” – companies in life science industries, i.e. GxP regulated companies, have to comply with legal regulations and regulatory requirements. Manual management of document is difficult, cumbersome, and subject to errors. This may result in significant challenges for quality management with considerable impact on health, safety, and the environment as well as business operation as a whole. Process digitalization and automation in document and quality management by contrast provide security, for which DHC VISION offers an efficient and modern solution. The software’s integrated SOP management perfectly harmonizes with processes in the pharmaceutical sector, in biotechnology and medical technology industries, in the chemical industry, the food sector as well as other highly regulated industry sectors. They comply with specific regulatory requirements in these areas.

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