Industry 4.0

requires "Quality 4.0" and the digitization of Q-Processes.

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DHC Ventures

DHC VISION for young companies and research  projects on their way to becoming a start-up.

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Solutions for Process and Quality Management

This process and quality management solution – DHC VISION PQM – provides tools and methods for the modeling, communication, measurement and continuous improvement of processes as well as of the process landscape. The seamless integration of process management into the paperless management of the necessary specification documentation, manuals and forms occurs in the holistic quality management system DHC VISION via a variety of DMS functionalities. This allows templates to be created and documents and manuals to be parameterized and generated. Workflows and electronic signatures (compliant with CFR 21 Part 11) are used for the quality management of the secure and logical control and approval of documents. So as to comply with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, the quality management software DHC VISION documents risks, as well as appropriate controls and measures, in a process-oriented manner. In addition, standards can be documented and processes, organizational units, or documents can be assigned, resulting in a summary matrix. For the continuous improvement of processes and contents as well as the active involvement of employees, it is possible to record and develop the potential for improvement, corrective proposals and measures in process management.

In order to meet quality requirements, the QM officers at companies with scattered locations need to have an accurate overview of the respective state of quality at all times. This is the foundation for structured quality planning and measure management. In the process, corporate governance quality has to be respected. Quality management can only achieve this through efficient reporting regarding quality oversight, a continuous monitoring of the quality assurance measures and the monitoring of the key industry quality metrics (KPIs) for different target groups.

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