DHC Ventures – Funding Opportunity for start-up companies in the Life Sciences

Research and Transfer

Research is the source of innovation; start-up companies stand for the successful transfer of research results to relevant contexts of application. In the Life Sciences, in particular, research transfer is difficult; development cycles are long, risky, and tied to high costs.

Whereas research funding schemes very often are excellent, venture capital for business start-ups and research transfer is scarce. In addition, complex regulatory requirements are in place even for early phases of innovation and product development. Start-ups and research groups attempting the transfer of results to medical, medical-technological, biotechnological, or pharmaceutical contexts of application face detailed GxP regulations to which they have to comply. An effective quality management following ISO rules or requirements defined by EMA, FDA or EU-GMP is required. Research groups and young companies, thus, have to overcome high regulatory barriers.

Start-up promotion

DHC Ventures promotes young companies and research groups on their way to company start-up. It assists them in setting up a digital management system at an early stage. The basis is the integrated management system DHC VISION. Early adoption of the software and its close integration with research and development ensures that a quality management system with regulatory compliance is in place at any time of during the innovation and founding cycle.

DHC Ventures targets research projects and research groups as well as young companies in the „early stages“ of founding (seed phase, start-up phase). Support is granted generally for a period of three years. Before the period of initial support ends, the partners decide on further conditions for either additional support or the regular productive use of the solution. The decision is taken mutually based on a transparent cost structure. It takes into consideration the company’s economic development (product development, market position, profitability etc.) and stability (acquisition of venture capital, company sale etc.).

DHC VISION „no license“

As no license fees will be charged, young companies are relieved of significant costs in a central area of operations. They are able to build a solid basis for a sustainable digital quality management system. Special conditions apply during the funding period to professional services for software implementation and validation as well as for services related to software maintenance and support.

DHC VISION “cloud” or „on premise“

DHC Ventures supports use of DHC VISION in the cloud. This results in low operating costs and no in-house IT operations. Data security is guaranteed. Alternatively, DHC offers an “on premise” solution. The software is hosted in the company’s own data center. DHC Ventures responds to the individual needs of start-up companies.

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