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DHC VISION for Life Science

Aligned to the processes of highly regulated industries.

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VENTURES: Acceleration program for startups and young companies 

Go digital – right from the start 

Strict compliance requirements also apply to young companies and startups. They must follow ISO standards and adhere to the specifications of international regulatory authorities (EMA, FDA etc.). Small companies may be tempted to say: “We only have a few documents; we can still manage them well on paper” and “No problem with the few deviations we have to handle“. But the complexity of the regulatory environment is increasing rapidly, and internal quality and compliance management often does not keep pace with corporate growth and success. A digital quality and compliance management system can help, right from the start. Digital processes are reliable, convenient and sustainable – and they grow with the company. Expensive and complex change processes after a few years in business are thus avoided. 

VENTURES – Startup support with Quality 

The VENTURES program supports start-ups and young companies when setting up digital quality management processes based on DHC VISION. The support usually lasts three years. At the end of the support phase, a decision on the further use of the software is made jointly and based on a transparent, pre-agreed cost structure. The basis for this is the economic development of the company and its stability. However, VENTURES support can also be extended for an additional three years. In any case, a regulatory-compliant, digital quality management system is available at any point in the start-up cycle. 

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VENTURES – digital quality management for start-ups and young companies  

  • 100% focus on the highly regulated environment (life sciences and medical technology) 
  • “Best practice” configuration and processes for a quick start 
  • No license costs for software and content 
  • Software maintenance and technical support included
  • Hosting and system operation included 
  • Special conditions for additional services, if needed 
  • Minimal validation effort through “Validation Accelerators 
  • Private Cloud: Qualified, verifiable and 100% compliant with FDA or EMA regulations