Deviation Management Software

Identify, automatically manage and systematically eliminate deviations

The detailed management and processing of deviations and other anomalies is part of an effective quality management system. Particularly in FDA-regulated and ISO-certified environments, all so-called “non-conformities” – i.e. all deviations from applicable quality regulations – must be immediately checked and analysed. The deviation management software from DHC VISION manages anomalies automatically and holistically using predefined procedures. Quality improvements are the goal.

DHC VISION deviation management software categorizes, structures and documents the various types of deviations in a clear manner. Deviations concern for example failures as well as special incidents such as “Out Of Specification (OOS)” and “Out Of Tolerance (OOT)”. If such anomalies are to be eliminated, a detailed analysis and evaluation is required beforehand. Possible causes must be identified and appropriate measures initiated as part of the CAPA process. The deviation management software from DHC VISION does all this. Conformity with applicable industry-specific standards is fully guaranteed. Clear dashboards visualize priorities and the processing status of individual deviations. Supplementary reminder and escalation mechanisms notify those responsible in the respective process about individual incidents, ensuring that measures are completed on time.

DHC VISION’s deviation management software supports the entire problem resolution process. It can also be combined with software modules for complaint management and CAPA management. Complaints are categorized with sharp separation and anomalies are linked with the planned corrective and preventive measures. The central database allows further links of documented deviations and other incidents with all other business processes. The integrated management system DHC VISION ensures compliance and improves the efficiency of quality-related processes.

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