CAPA, deviation and complaint management with DHC VISION.

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Quality Management for Life Science

Standard software according to GAMP 5 for FDA and GxP compliance.

DHC Ventures

DHC VISION for start-ups or research projects on the way to setting up a company.

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DHC Vision for Life Science

Aligned to the processes of highly regulated industries.

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Complaint Management Software

DHC VISION automates the processing of complaints and effectively reduces product recalls

Product defects are detrimental to customer satisfaction and may also pose a threat to safety and health. Complaint management is therefore a central component of quality management: reported complaints are recorded and processed systematically. The DHC VISION software automates the processing process and effectively manages complaints. It offers a variety of methods and tools for recording incoming complaints, identifying their causes, eliminating them and avoiding them in the future. The risk of recurring defects is minimized and associated costs are reduced. The goal is a sustainable improvement in product quality.

DHC VISION Complaint Management collects and processes complaints automatically and in a structured manner. Electronic signatures and standardized workflows ensure that complaints are processed reliably and efficiently. This creates transparency, documents the decisive processing steps and makes every complaint case traceable. In this way, possible anomalies will no longer be overlooked in the future. Early warning indicators and differentiated escalation mechanisms also help. Those in charge are notified automatically and role-related, so that the complaint process is continuously monitored. Workflows can be flexibly adapted to specific company scenarios. This ensures compliance with applicable industry-specific standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 13485.

Together with CAPA and deviation management, the DHC VISION complaint management software supports the entire problem-solving process – from the notification to the effectiveness check and the conclusion of the complaint. Defects detected are directly linked to appropriate corrective or preventive measures. In the software, complaint management can also be combined with other DHC VISION software modules (document management, internal control system, information security management) to form a comprehensive control system. DHC VISION thus significantly increases the efficiency of quality-related processes and helps to significantly reduce the costs of quality anomalies.

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