Change Management

For the coordination of changes of all kinds while conforming to compliance.

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Change Management Software

Flexible Change Control System for all kinds of changes

DHC VISION change management software is designed specifically for managing and coordinating all kinds of changes on a company-wide level and in a regulatory-compliant way. This holds for changes concerning documents or processes, IT changes, changes in production resp. mechanical plants, as well as changes to products and their packaging. DHC systematically controls change management processes and provides much needed transparency.

The change control system supports the entire process – from the initial change request to recording and classifying requests for changes, to their approval and implementation as well as final inspection. The DHC VISION change management solution controls all changes and pertaining measures across departments and in a comprehensive as well as accurate way. It makes sure that the process is transparent and all regulatory requirements are met.

For effective change control, a wide range of functionalities supporting transparency as well as sophisticated steering and monitoring mechanisms are needed. DHC VISION provides standardized processes and workflows for systematic and controlled handling of changes. Reports, dashboards, and standard apps are available for detailed activities monitoring. They capture quality-related aspects, e.g. the status of change processes and objects.

The DHC VISION configuration framework is flexible enough to adapt the software to different types of changes, company-specific processes and requirements. Customized software configuration is possible without programming.

The change management component integrates with other system modules such as DHC VISION CAPA, deviations, claims as well as SOP and document management. Seamless integration with regulatory or quality management processes as well as operative systems (e.g. ERP, MES, LIMS) is possible as well.

DHC VISION Change Management is a perfect match to support processes in the pharmaceutical industry, in biotechnology, the medical devices, chemical, cosmetics, and food industries as well as other highly regulated industry sectors. It complies with all specific legal and regulatory requirements in this area.

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