Risk-balanced and cost-optimized to the goal of GxP compliance

There are numerous myths surrounding validation, especially when it was once again possible last minute and with the last effort to avoid violating the GxP guidelines and FDA guidelines. The costs involved have risen exorbitantly in recent years. Both through the use of internal staff and the addition of temporary external specialists. The focus of tasks is increasingly shifting to the laborious maintenance of operational capability. There is hardly any time left for strategic considerations to optimize the validation processes. As a result, the regulatory obligation is often overfulfilled.

A closer look reveals a multitude of optimization potentials with regard to costs. Above all through changes in the validation concept and through consistent standardization. Our goal is the sustainable reduction of your validation efforts and not the maximization of external validation days. This is why we use only experienced validation experts. Employees who generate added value with profound knowledge and point out new solutions rather than being trained at the customer's site.


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