Managed Services

Customers are increasingly transferring their recurring internal IT services to us. We act on their behalf, in our responsibility, independently and on our own initiative, but under their control. The scope and quality of the services to be provided are clearly defined.

Managed Support Services

These include 2nd level support. This is not a solution for software errors, but an individual user help for answering operating questions and resulting problems. MSS also includes support for technical questions. The objective is to relieve the customer's support team.

Managed Application Services

Managed Application Services serve the technical administration of the DHC VISION system in the customer's infrastructure. These include system monitoring, installation of patches and hotfixes as well as recommissioning. In addition, the documentation and reporting as well as the implementation of changes in the area of Active Directory Services/SSO. The objective is to relieve the customer's IT operation.

Managed Business Services

Managed Business Services focus on the technical administration of DHC VISION and include minor configuration adjustments and documentation. The objective is to provide technical support to key users at the customer's site.

In order to guarantee fast and at the same time secure service provision, Managed Services are called up centrally via the Jira ticket system.