Cloud Services

DHC VISION is offered as a classic On Premise solution that can be operated in the customer's infrastructure and complemented by our Managed Application Services.
Alternatively, our customers are increasingly opting for our Full Service Cloud solution. For this we use the services of our partner Microsoft. It has 54 Azure regions worldwide ( with more than 100 Azure services. You benefit from a team of over 3,500 global cyber security experts to protect your data in Azure. Specifically, our cloud services include the following:

  • License rental incl. software maintenance and support,
  • Hosting in an Azure region of your choice,
  • Flexible capacity management (sizing and scaling) of the infrastructure (server, database, download rate),
  • Selectable system availability in hours/month (productive, test system, etc.),
  • Dedicated technical account management (process definition, resource coordination, continuous review and communication),
  • Continuous documentation of installation, update or maintenance plans and any changes to the system,
  • Patch management and installation (initial and follow-up installations of DHC VISION, installation of all required hotfixes, patches and updates, execution of required technical system configurations),
  • Application Operation Monitoring, Logfile and Function Check
    • Checking the servers and thus ensuring the availability of the servers or the system.
    • Verification of all protocols and log files of DHC VISION and the software components used, including the operating system.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of the current utilization of these components within the last 24 hours. If the utilization exceeds the usual limits, countermeasures are initiated as far as possible and the technical contact person is informed.
  • Data Protection, Storage and Recovery Management

The Azure backup services (Azure IaaS-VM backup) are used for data backup. This is an Azure-based service for backing up (or protecting) and restoring data in the Microsoft cloud. One aspect of high availability is storage replication. The Azure Backup service uses local redundant storage and replicates the data three times in a coupled data center in the same data center region. Back Up Policy: Data is backed up daily (Back Up Frequency) at 18.00 hrs. The Rentation Range describes the retention periods of the daily, weekly and monthly data backups.

  • AD/SSO-Integration
  • SLA-and Usage-Reporting

In summary, the Cloud Services are offered as a subscription, i.e. as an annual fee.