Needs-oriented quotes for various requirements

DHC VISION Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) allows the specialist focus of the integrated management system to reach its full potential: Comprehensive flexibility in system configuration, a high degree of integration potential and strong professional extensibility are the outstanding features of a DHC VISION EBS. Along with sophisticated analysis and reporting tools, Enterprise Business Solutions software will find the ideal solution for complex management requirements in companies. DHC VISION Enterprise Business Solutions are available for the following, and combinations of, areas of specialism:


DHC VISION Small Business Solutions (SBS) are pre-configured and pre-defined solutions with a clear focus. They combine the technical efficiency of DHC VISION with the advantages of rapid, low-cost introduction and the convenience of uncomplicated usage: The DHC VISION Small Business Solutions software is so standardized in terms of core processes that all technically relevant areas are supported and no further system configuration is required. To comply with regulatory compliance, the delivery condition also comprises the primary content – standards, guidelines, checklists, etc. – which can be supplemented by company-specific documents. DHC VISION Small Business Solutions software is therefore the ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies. DHC VISION SBS are available for the following areas of specialism:

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