DHC VISION Cloud - SaaS Cloud: Software & Solutions

DHC VISION, as a “software as a service” solution, is no longer operated and integrated into the customer’s IT infrastructure, but rather can be used as a cloud application. The advantages are obvious: Investment in hardware and software licenses is no longer necessary; system administration, operation and maintenance, as well as continuous updates and upgrading new releases, versions and innovation packs, are taken care of by the provider. Only actual consumption is calculated on the basis of the number of users and time.

In the short term, the scaling of DHC VISION SaaS Cloud can be adapted to changed usage scenarios, if for example certain regional companies, roles or employees only wish to use the system for a limited period. This allows capacity bottlenecks or unused capacities to be avoided through the SaaS solution.

The customers benefit from lower, calculable monthly costs and a significant reduction in amortization time. The security of sensitive data is of course guaranteed in the DHC VISION SaaS Cloud. Specifically for customers in a regulated environment, we offer a validated system that meets the regulatory requirements of the FDA.

We would be delighted to assist you in selecting your optimum operation scenario and calculating the business case.