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AkknaTek GmbH: MedTech Startup implements digital quality management system

Saarbrucken/Freiburg i.Br., August 28, 2018: AkknaTek GmbH, a Saarbrucken-based MedTech startup, has implemented a digital quality management system. This is remarkable as interlinking business development and digital quality management at an early stage is seen as a novel approach in a startup context. The innovative move is expected to bring the company to a new level in its development. Support is provided by VENTURES, a startup program launched by DHC Business Solutions.


Securing Competitive Advantages through Information Security

Saarbrucken, November 2017: Joh. Meier Werkzeugbau GmbH (JMW) is specialized in the production of tools for serial production in the automotive sector. With the implementation of DHC Business Solution’s software system for information security the company complies with security requirements according to ISO 2700x according to VDA 3.0.


ITM Isotope Technologies Munich AG ensures FDA Readiness with DHC VISION

Saarbrucken, 29 May 2017: ITM Isotope Technologies Munich AG is dedicated to the development, production, and global supply of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides. A „digital turn” in quality management supports the company’s path toward business expansion, innovation, and economic growth. ITG Isotopes Technologies Garching, an ITM affiliated company, implements an integrated quality management system and thereby values DHC Business Solution’s regulatory compliance expertise.