innoLAB - Innovation through Research and Development

innoLAB stands for innovative technologies, new developments and fresh thinking. innoLAB develops application-oriented solutions for future scenarios in quality and compliance management. innoLAB is thus the incubator for innovation at DHC Business Solutions in the areas of services and technology.
The innovation strategy of innoLAB is integrated into the solution development of DHC Business Solutions; third-party-financed research and development projects in innoLAB expand the "open innovation" approach that the company pursues together with partners and customers. In this way, employees of the company participate in the implementation of new ideas in a dynamic environment and contribute to the joint further development of the company and its solutions: TOGETHER FOR QUALITY - AND INNOVATION.

Current projects in innoLAB

DigiComp Logo
Digital compliance management through information logistics

digiComp realizes the prototypical integration of modern technologies for information retrieval with digital management processes in the GMP environment. The focus is on the question of how digital compliance management in process-oriented manufacturing can be extended by "information logistics" and what benefits such an extension brings in the GMP context. "Information logistics" refers to the interaction of efficient methods of the demand-oriented, context-specific, process-integrated and proactive provision of information in real time from distributed data sources and in a cross-organizational context.
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the Central Technology Programme Saar (ZTS).





SOP Assist
Assistance Systems for Digital SOP and Compliance Management in GMP-regulated Production

Assistance systems for digital SOP and compliance management in GMP-regulated production
The aim of "SOPassist" is to develop a "new generation" of digital, multimedia-based Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These should not only describe production processes textually, but also extend them by multimedia assets as well as modern VR/AR and 3D technologies. The instructions prepared in this way can be integrated into GMP-regulated production processes. This should improve the knowledge organization in GMP-regulated production processes and promote GMP-relevant employee qualifications integrated into production. As a result, SOPassist is a web-based service platform for the creation of multimedia SOPs and an assistance system for the process-integrated, GMP-compliant use of such SOPs in manufacturing companies.

SOPassist is a cooperation project between DHC Business Solutions and neocosmo GmbH and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the Central Technology Programme Saar (ZTS)..




Blockchain-Technology for Audit Trails

The aim of the "GxP-Blockchain" project is to develop a prototype of blockchain as an innovative, compliance-compliant technology option for audit trails and audit trail reviews and to test it in concrete application contexts in the GxP-environment. Essential goals are to improve the security and integrity of relevant data, to simplify its auditability and to extend the possibilities for effective and efficient compliance management in the company.

DHC Business Solutions is working on this project together with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the medical technology company AkknaTek. The research project "GxP-Blockchain" has a duration of 20 months and is funded by the Central Technology Programme Saar (ZTS) and by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).