DHC VISION Customers

Companies from highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry and medical technology – and engineering, the automotive industry and services as well – place their trust in DHC Business Solutions’ over 15 years of experience. We maintain trusting and open contact with our customers and have been successfully working as partners with them for many years.

You can gain an insight into our relationships with our customers through the excerpts provided here.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer Aenova

"Trust in the company and the people involved, targeted launch project methods and an efficient solution for the life sciences industry were the decisive criteria for Aenova deciding to work with DHC Business Solutions."

Dr. Andreas König
Aenova Holding GmbH

The Aenova Group is one of the world’s leading companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Competence and experience are the keys to the Group's success. With innovative technologies and maximum quality standards, Aenova Group is a reliable partner to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer Allessa

"We made the decision to cooperate with DHC Business Solutions because we were impressed by the combination of extensive sector expertise, streamlined yet powerful validation processes and the integrated software solution DHC VISION. These are the unique selling points of our new partner."
"From the recently introduced digital transformation, we expect a huge leap for quality management at various sites of our group of companies."

Dr. Ottmar Wink und Rolf Knöpfler
Allessa GmbH

Allessa GmbH (formerly Cassella GmbH), with headquarters in Frankfurt/Main-Fechenheim, is the sales and administration organization of the Allessa company in Germany. At the same time, it is the operator of the Frankfurt-Fechenheim industrial park and is therefore a service partner to manufacturers of intermediate chemical products and special chemicals, in particular Allessa Produktion GmbH.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer AutoVision

"DHC VISION won us over with its ease of operation as well as the integration of business processes, documents and KPIs. Through the high degree of freedom in configuration, we are able to adapt the system precisely to AutoVision’s requirements and depict processes in the way that our employees are used to – without programming, just by configuring the software."

Christian Kaiser
AutoVision GmbH

As a full subsidiary of Volkswagen, AutoVision GmbH provides consistent and interdisciplinary services along the entire value creation chain in the automotive industry. The focuses here are numerous interesting specialist projects in research and development, IT and engineering services, procurement and quality assurance, as well as production and logistics and sales.

DHC VISION Kunde Bayerische Versorgungskammer

"In DHC Business Solutions, we have found a company that combines process management, key figures and real-time publication in a single system."

Lothar Schütz
Bayerische Versorgungskammer

The Bayerische Versorgungskammer is an authority of the Free State of Bavaria under the auspices of the Bavarian State Ministry for the Interior for Construction and Transport. It developed as the “Bayerische Versicherungskammer - Versorgung” from the Bayerische Versicherungskammer (Bavarian chamber of insurance) in 1995, and continues its activities for care facilities.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer Beumer

"Through DHC VISION, we can roll out our process management in a standardized way worldwide while still having the flexibility to take local particularities into account without major effort."

Thomas Schürmann

The BEUMER Group is an international manufacturer of intralogistics in the areas of conveying and loading technology, palleting and packaging technology as well as sorting and distributing systems. Along with BEUMER Group A/S, the BEUMER Group employs around 4,000 employees and generates an annual turnover of around 700 million euros.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer CROMA

"The partly paper-based processes and stand-alone applications in CAPA management don't keep up with the international growth of CROMA-PHARMA in the long run. We replaced the data silos we had before – and which made work quite difficult – with an integrated system which brings a lot more transparency to our processes.”

Martin Lenzenweger

CROMA-PHARMA is a family-owned pharmaceutical company committed to improving people’s well-being through the development and distribution of innovative products in aesthetic dermatology. Founded in 1976 in Vienna, Austria, the company currently employs approximately 310 people.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer CROMA

"We were especially convinced by the usability, the user-friendliness, the attractive design, and the thought-out, logical system architecture of DHC VISION as well as of the system's high coverage of our specific requirements at CHROMA-PHARMA.
Additionally, the customer focus and the small-business-friendly support processes in place at DHC Business Solutions played an important role. One of the main reasons for our decision was DHC's validation expertise and, last but not least, the recommendations we received from other companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors."

Marleen Pruscha

CROMA-PHARMA is a family-owned pharmaceutical company committed to improving people’s well-being through the development and distribution of innovative products in aesthetic dermatology. Founded in 1976 in Vienna, Austria, the company currently employs approximately 310 people.

DHC VISION Kunde Colep

"For a contract manufacturer, it is crucial to react flexibly to a wide range of customer requirements and to do so without the need for further consulting services from the software vendor. DHC VISION provides us with precisely this flexibility: System configuration and extension is easy and can be done by Colep staff. In addition, we were very impressed with the value for money DHC VISION offers, compared to other solutions, not only with regard to the software itself but also in view of software implementation and system operation costs."

Robert Balla
Colep Laupheim GmbH & Co. KG

Colep, a company in the RAR Group, is a leading global player in consumer goods packaging and the contract manufacturing industry. With a turnover of around 512 million euros, Colep employs around 3,800 employees in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. As part of “ACOA, the alliance between Colep & One Asia”, Colep offers customers a global supplier network.

DHC VISION Kunde Dachser

"After a comprehensive market analysis, we have decided upon DHC VISION as our ISMS tool because it impressively meets our requirements for consistency, multilingual capabilities and expandability, including in other disciplines such as quality management. With DHC VISION, we consolidate our existing ISMS seamlessly at one site and can grow with our business’s requirements."

Christian von Rützen

Dachser SE is a logistics company based in Kempten (Allgäu). In Germany, 13,058 employees help to network flows of goods, information and modes of transport in a homogeneous interconnection. The interplay of 76 branches ensures the intelligent combination of logistic network components. This allows Dachser to achieve optimum process mastery in all business segments and can inspire customers across Germany with an excellent, operative overall solution.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer Drewag

"Through the introduction of a company-wide, integrated management system, we are expecting significantly more efficient workflows in our core processes, which ultimately will lead to better service for our customers."

Jan Kretzschmar
DREWAG - Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

DREWAG - Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH is the public utility company for Dresden. In addition to 12 transformer stations as well as around 1,600 substations, it operates seven thermal power stations and four water utilities in Dresden, thereby providing approximately 300,000 customers with power, natural gas, drinking water and district heating. 

DHC VISION Kunde Endress und Hauser

"The integrated DHC VISION solution for process, quality and audit management completely meets our requirements for a management system and we are expecting significant improvements in process documentation."

Bernd Kunert
Endress + Hauser Gruppe

The Endress+Hauser Group is a leading provider of measurement devices, services and solutions for industrial process technology and automation. The company offers complete solutions for flow rate, fill level, pressure, analysis, temperature, data recording and digital communication across all industries and guarantees reliable, secure, economical and environmentally friendly processes.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer Enso

"With DHC VISION as a consistent, electronic tool, regulations can be coordinated, confirmed and documented significantly more quickly."

Alexander Lehmann
ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG

ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG is a reliable complete provider of energy in East Saxony. The core businesses of power, natural gas and heat supply are supplemented by operation management in the areas of drinking and waste water, as well as in energy services. Shareholdings and associated companies increase value creation, for example in the fields of telecommunications and IT.

DHC VISION Kunde Hain Lifescience

"Among other reasons, we chose DHC VISION because it fulfills all current standards while providing a high degree of flexibility for our specific requirements."

Gerti Boos
Hain Lifescience GmbH

Hain Lifescience GmbH, founded in 1988, is manufacturer and distributor of molecular genetic diagnostics systems and laboratory equipment. In addition to the primary site of Nehren in the region of Tübingen, Hain Lifescience has subsidiaries in Spain, South Africa, Kenya and the United Kingdom. Close cooperation with national and international reference centers, universities, clinics and laboratories guarantees the prompt implementation of new scientific knowledge into products for routine use. Since the company prioritizes the proven quality of its products in development and marketing, certified quality management in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 and the satisfaction of European in-vitro diagnostics guidelines are a matter of course. 

DHC VISION Kunde Hoerbiger Antriebstechnik

"With DHC VISION, we can roll out our process management in a standardized way worldwide while still having the flexibility to take local particularities into account without major effort. Our own requirements for consistency, multilingual capabilities and expandability are convincingly met by DHC VISION, including in other disciplines such as quality management. With DHC VISION, we seamlessly consolidate our existing integrated management system worldwide at one site and can grow with our business’s requirements."

Sieglinde Negele
Hoerbiger Antriebstechnik Holding GmbH

HOERBIGER is the world leader in the business segments of compressor technology, drive technology and automation technology. 6,800 employees achieved a turnover of 1.115 billion euros in 2015. The brand HOERBIGER stands for performance-enhancing components in compressors, industrial motors and turbines, in automobile gearboxes and in various applications in engineering and plant construction.


"The fulfillment of all applicable standards as well as the flexibility in the implementation of IAV-specific requirements were the priorities for IAV when selecting a system."

Astrid Eckhardt

With its engineering expertise, IAV GmbH makes technically flawless innovations roadworthy for all well-renowned automobile manufacturers. 6,300 employees work on the implementation of exciting projects from concept to series, and from small cars to trucks, at over 30 development sites and with its own test facilities. IAV uses its expert knowledge to optimize combustion motors and develop alternative drive units. In addition, the company is a strong development partner in the fields of electromobility, electronics and software. IAV also works in areas such as driver assistance, lightweight construction and safety. Alongside its Berlin headquarters, the company has locations in Germany, Europe and Asia as well as in North and South America.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer ITM

“We are digitalizing all our quality management processes. This helps us tackling increasing GxP complexity at no additional costs. We are aiming at corporate growth in processes that add value to our business instead of merely increasing G&A costs.”

Thomas Dürre
ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG

ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG is a privately held group of companies dedicated to the development, production and global supply of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals. Since its foundation in 2004, ITM and its subsidiaries have established GMP manufacturing and a robust global supply network of a novel, first-in-class radionuclides and -generator platform for a new generation of targeted cancer diagnostics and therapies.

The company logo of the DHC VISION customer ITG

“Throughput times for GxP-related documents have decreased significantly. We also witness less manual resource input, higher process efficiency, and significantly lower risks.”

Alzbeta Krempova
ITG Isotope Technologies Garching GmbH
The company logo of the DHC VISION customer ITG

"With DHC VISION we have a consistent and digital data basis with automated workflows and processes for document control. With DHC VISION, we are able to identify in a much more targeted way the areas where we have to take action and where interventions are needed. We were especially convinced by DHC VISION meeting most of our requirements and demands, in particular in combination with our efforts to secure overall GxP compliance. We also appreciated the system’s excellent usability and the very appealing system design. DHC’s longstanding and broad validation experience was very convincing to us as were positive recommendations we received from other chemical and pharmaceutical companies already using DHC VISION.”

ITG Isotope Technologies Garching GmbH
Manuela Stocker
The company logo of the DHC VISION customer Südzucker

"For Südzucker AG, the high degree of fullfillment regarding the requirements as well as the usability were decisive for the selection of DHC VISION. In a first project phase, the currently established solution for the document management was replaced by the DHC VISION Document & Training Manager. This applies to documents relevant to the whole enterprise as well as to documents relevant to the individual places of production. In the future, Südzucker AG expects the greatest benefit through the central management of all documents and the tracking of measures within a single system."

Dr. Thomas Lehmann
Südzucker AG

Südzucker AG, with headquarters in Mannheim, is one of the largest food companies in Germany, and is number 1 in the traditional sugar industry. It employs around 16,500 employees, is listed on the MDAX and generated a group revenue of around 6.4 billion euros in the 2015/2016 financial year. Südzucker AG is made up of the corporate segments of sugar, specialties, crop energies and fruit.

DHC VISION Kunde ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein

"Starting with process management and supplemented by the Document & Training Manager, we have a transparent and organization-supporting management solution which helps to highlight points for optimization and to address tasks and requirements in document management in a targeted manner."

Sascha Stiwizyus
ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein GmbH

ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein is a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG and is one of the three biggest packaging steel producers in Europe. Around 2,400 employees in Andernach in Rhineland-Palatinate use their experience to successfully produce around 1.5 million metric tons of packaging steel per year for 400 customers in 80 countries.