BPM Tools and Software Overview – As a complete QMS, DHC VISION BPM is of course part of it

Hanser Verlag (Munich) has published a new market overview of BPM software products and solutions in the current issue of the trade journal “QZ Quality and Reliability”. Since quality management is increasingly responsible for the definition and modeling of business processes and the continuous improvement of business processes throughout the company, QZ presents a selection of current BPM solutions to facilitate the QM’s search for a suitable process management system.

The goal of process design today is much more demanding than at the beginning of the millennium. Processes today should meet or exceed customer expectations, be as efficient as possible (in terms of time and costs), run stably and – last but not least – ensure regulatory compliance, i.e. compliance with applicable regulations, laws and various standards such as ISO 9001:2015. Without suitable BPM systems, this can no longer be achieved by quality and process managers or quality management representatives.

As part of this overview, QZ has published software solutions from fourteen different vendors – DHC VISION Process and Quality Management is also listed. You can request the overview here.

DHC VISION – Process and Quality Management Software

DHC Vision Beispieldashboard Qualitätsmanagementbeauftragter Prozesse
Roll-specific DHC VISION Dashoard “Processes”

The process and quality management solution combines core aspects of process management with the focal points of computer-aided quality management. The process management tool provides tools and methods for modeling, communication, measurement and continuous improvement of the process landscape. The seamless integration of the necessary specification documentation (instructions, manuals, etc.) takes place via an integrated document management system. In addition to ISO 9001:2015 conformity (or industry-specific characteristics derived from it, such as ISO 13485), risks, controls and measures can also be documented in a process-oriented manner. Improvement potentials, correction suggestions and measures can be recorded and processed for the continuous improvement of processes and contents as well as for the active involvement of employees. Standards management rounds off the solution.

You can find further information about DHC VISION PQM and seamlessly integrated products such as IKS, AUDIT or TRAINING Management here or we will be happy to send it to you on request.